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German Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW) optimizes navigable waterways using a Bull supercomputer

Performance and operating reliability are central to the mission of the Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau (BAW), responsible for one of the most complex tasks in the German High-Performance Computing (HPC) sphere. The German Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW) operates on behalf of the federal administration for navigable waterways and navigation (WSV) in the areas of research and computing.

bullion X86 enterprise server: the world’s fastest

The bullion server developed by Bull has been ranked as the world’s fastest X86 enterprise-class server, according to the international SPECint®_rate2006[1] benchmark. The benchmark – which was run on a ‘fat’, 16-socket configuration – highlights bullion’s exceptional characteristics, which make it almost twice as powerful as all its rivals.

Innovation: the key to a sustainable future

Philippe Vannier – Chairman and CEO, Bull Technology already generates 30% of worldwide growth. As a major catalyst for differentiation, it is a source of innovation and sustainable development, especially with supercomputers: a field in which Bull has become a leading player with a global reputation over the years.

Bull, the CEA, F4E and the JAEA inaugurate the Helios supercomputer in Rokkasho (Japan), dedicated to the Nuclear Fusion program

The supercomputer, delivering over 1.5 Petaflops, will provide the computer modeling and simulation capabilities needed for the ‘Broader Approach’ program, linked to the ITER initiative.

From zero to 1.5 Petaflops in nine months

Bull has implemented yet another Petascale supercomputer, Helios, this time in Japan. Over and above the technological achievement, this has been a huge challenge for the entire team, as Bull’s Project Director, Philippe Lachamp, explains.