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Risk-free modernization of legacy transactional monitors

by Serge Grauloup, Director of Bull’s novascale/GCOS center of expertise Serge Grauloup’s team gets involved in infrastructure modernization projects for big mainframe customers. For many years now, developments and innovations have enabled transactional applications to interact with the open world (Java EE…). The latest innovation? The launch of ‘LiberTP’, a new-generation transaction processing monitor. © Bull / F.

Bull LiberTP brings legacy applications into the age of Cloud computing

Bull has today launched LiberTP, a software solution designed to rapidly modernize corporate legacy applications. A next-generation transaction processing monitor, LiberTP enables enterprises to easily port their transaction processing applications to an open environment, giving themselves room to maneuver – both technically and financially – when it comes to developing new projects.

Innovation: the key to a sustainable future

Philippe Vannier – Chairman and CEO, Bull Technology already generates 30% of worldwide growth. As a major catalyst for differentiation, it is a source of innovation and sustainable development, especially with supercomputers: a field in which Bull has become a leading player with a global reputation over the years.