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Bull signs strategic HPC agreement with University of Liverpool

Highlighting its focus on driving the rapid growth of its High-Performance Computing (HPC) business, Bull has signed a strategic alliance deal, valued at around £800,000, with the University of Liverpool. Under the terms of the deal, which incorporates a five year partnership and support agreement, Bull will implement an integrated 40 Teraflops HPC system for the University based around its own bullx™ blade hardware and bullx supercomputer software suite.

HPC – a strategic priority

Gene research and HPC

by Xavier Vigouroux and Gunter Roeth, Bull Drastic falls in the cost of DNA sequencing have opened up fascinating new prospects for genomics and biochemistry, but they have also exposed the need for much greater processing power and storage.

HPC services in secures Cloud mode to accelerate the adoption computer simulation by big players and SMEs

The ‘NumInnov’ project aims to set up an independent company, to help develop new usages for HPC and accelerate its widespread adoption Bull has announced a plan to create a joint venture with Caisse des Dépôts (CDC), with €28m of equity. The joint company will focus on delivering secured High-Performance Computing (HPC) services, as a Cloud computing service provider.

Industry and Research Centres create a European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing

Major suppliers of High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies in association with HPC research centres create a European Technology Platform for HPC (ETP4HPC) to strengthen Europe’s position Players involved – From Industry: Allinea, ARM, Bull, Caps Entreprise, Eurotech, IBM, Intel, ParTec, STMicroelectronics and Xyratex in association with – HPC research centres BSC, CEA, CINECA, Fraunhofer, Forschungszentrum Juelich and LRZ Bull is chairman of the ETP.

Bull-Joseph Fourier Prize 2012 awards three scientific teams for their advances in research and innovation

The works recognized this year will help understand the evolution of the Universe, sources of laser light and nanotechnologies The Bull-Joseph Fourier Prize 2012 was given by Catherine Rivière, CEO of GENCI (the French National High-Performance Computing Organization), and Philippe Vannier, Chairman and CEO of Bull, to three teams of researchers in recogncition for their contributions to improving knowledge in science, innovation and the development of computer simulation methods.

The Valencia Board of Health, Prince Felipe Center of Research and Bull sign an agreement to establish a Chair in Computational Genomics

The Board of Health in the Spanish region of Valencia (Generalitat valenciana), the PFCI (Principe Felipe Centro d’Investigacion or Prince Felipe Research Center) and Bull have signed a collaborative agreement to establish a Chair in Computational Genomics, with the aim of encouraging teaching, research and technology transfer in this area.

A moment of great pride – Bull Angers welcomes Catherine Rivière, CEO of GENCI and eminent researchers

Philippe Vannier, Chairman and CEO of Bull and Vincent Sarracanie, Industrial and Logistics Director of Bull’s factory at Angers, France, recently played host to Catherine Rivière, CEO of GENCI (the French National High-Performance Computing Organization) – along with Michel Caffarel, Director of Research at CNRS, and Dimitri Komatitsch, Professor of Geophysics, CNRS & INRIA – in the presence of medias and all the Bull employees who work at the site.

Bull, the CEA, F4E and the JAEA inaugurate the Helios supercomputer in Rokkasho (Japan), dedicated to the Nuclear Fusion program

The supercomputer, delivering over 1.5 Petaflops, will provide the computer modeling and simulation capabilities needed for the ‘Broader Approach’ program, linked to the ITER initiative.

From zero to 1.5 Petaflops in nine months

Bull has implemented yet another Petascale supercomputer, Helios, this time in Japan. Over and above the technological achievement, this has been a huge challenge for the entire team, as Bull’s Project Director, Philippe Lachamp, explains.

Wirth Research in pole position with Bull

  Bull solutions, partnerships and services help Wirth develop race winning sports cars Innovative engineering consultancy group, Wirth Research has signed a partnership agreement with IT solutions provider, Bull, which will help streamline its engineering design and development capabilities. Under the terms of this long term contract, Bull will deliver 15 téraflops bullx® supercomputer Panasas ActiveStor™ storage and services to Wirth Research.

The four facets of the digital revolution

Matthew Foxton – Executive VP Stratégie & Marketing Current technological trends show that business and public sector bodies alike are speeding up the transition to digital. And Bull is ideally placed to support them. Since the end of 2010, more smartphones have been sold than PCs, and according to Gartner 900 million tablet computers will be in circulation by 2016.

Innovation: Bull launched new supercomputers at Supercomputing in Seattle: doubling computing power and spectacular energy efficiency

The bullx B510 series: the new generation of ultra-dense Petascale supercomputers that deliver twice as much processing power and memory speed as the previous generation and ensure optimum power consumption.

Bull launches its new mainframe family gcos 7 systems leveraging Extreme Computing technologies

Bull’s novascale gcos™ 7010 mainframes combine Extreme computing technologies and those used for large-scale enterprise servers, to boost critical application performance With native support for the Open Source PostgreSQL database, novascale gcos 7010 systems are designed to protect and enrich organizations’ information systems legacies With novascale gcos 7010 systems gcos 7 mainframes enter the world of private Cloud computing The new novascale gcos 7010 systems reaffirm the capability of its

Barcelona Supercomputing Center triples its HPC capacity

With a peak performance of 186 Teraflops, the new bullx® cluster from Bull equipped with NVIDIA Tesla accelerators, is the most powerful supercomputer in Spain The Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS) now has a new cluster with graphical accelerators which will be used to consolidate its research in programming models, tool development and application porting.

European industry and research centres join forces to create a European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (HPC)

Major European suppliers of HPC technologies: Allinea, ARM, Bull, Caps Entreprise, Eurotech, ParTec, STMicroelectronics and Xyratex HPC research centers: Barcelona Supercomputing Center, CEA, CINECA, Fraunhofer, Forschungszentrum Juelich and LRZ The objective of the European Technology Platform (ETP) is to define Europe’s research priorities to develop European technology in all the segments of the HPC solution supply chain.

Cenaero doubles its intensive computing capacity with mobull

Cenaero, one of Belgium’s leading players in High-Performance Computing (HPC), has chosen Bull’s ultra high-density mobile data center, mobull, to meet an exponential increase in demand for computing capacity. The supercomputer, housed in a container, will bring the research center’s processing power up to 40 Teraflops.

HPC awards for Bull at Supercomputing

The 2011 HPCwire Reader’s Choice Award confirms Bull as a world-class leader in the HPC market At the SuperComputing 2011 conference in Seattle, the readers of HPCwire – the world’s most highly respected on-line magazine for the HPC industry – voted Tera 100 as the “TOP supercomputing achievement” of the year, confirming Bull as a global player and a world-class leader in Extreme Computing.

New Bull supercomputer powers weather and climate research at Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and Bull partner in a new high performance super computing environment. Both parties collaborate in order to further optimize weather and climate forecasting in what will be one of the best performing and environmentally friendly weather data centers in Europe. Besides the innovative ‘designed-and-produced in Europe’ technology, Bull also offers comprehensive HPC services, including consultancy, maintenance, monitoring and support.

High-Performance Computing takes off at SONACA with Bull

Belgian aerospace manufacturer SONACA is to use bullx® supercomputers from Bull for its sizing calculations on aeronautical and space structures. More than ever, this makes Bull the strategic IT partner for this hi-tech company, based at Gosselies in the town of Charleroi. Aeronautics is one of the main areas where HPC solutions are widely used with supercomputers that are powerful enough to run especially demanding calculations and simulations.