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Risk-free modernization of legacy transactional monitors

by Serge Grauloup, Director of Bull’s novascale/GCOS center of expertise Serge Grauloup’s team gets involved in infrastructure modernization projects for big mainframe customers. For many years now, developments and innovations have enabled transactional applications to interact with the open world (Java EE…). The latest innovation? The launch of ‘LiberTP’, a new-generation transaction processing monitor. © Bull / F.

From zero to 1.5 Petaflops in nine months

Bull has implemented yet another Petascale supercomputer, Helios, this time in Japan. Over and above the technological achievement, this has been a huge challenge for the entire team, as Bull’s Project Director, Philippe Lachamp, explains.

Bull launches its new mainframe family gcos 7 systems leveraging Extreme Computing technologies

Bull’s novascale gcos™ 7010 mainframes combine Extreme computing technologies and those used for large-scale enterprise servers, to boost critical application performance With native support for the Open Source PostgreSQL database, novascale gcos 7010 systems are designed to protect and enrich organizations’ information systems legacies With novascale gcos 7010 systems gcos 7 mainframes enter the world of private Cloud computing The new novascale gcos 7010 systems reaffirm the capability of its