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14 January 2014 by Philippe Vannier, Chairman and CEO, Bull

Philippe VannierMany experts are predicting that 2014 will see accelerated growth. On a worldwide level, growth is expected to increase from 2.9% in 2013 to 3.6% or more in 2014. Without venturing too much optimism, 2014 opens up a new chapter, which could mark a genuine move away from the crisis that began five years ago. So a year that is full of hope and opportunities for the majority of organizations, consumers and citizens. A year that is set to be rich in new information technologies, and see their increased adoption at all levels of society.

Fair weather clouds
Rationalization based around consolidation and virtualization is well underway, and the rapid development of Internet applications is one of the keys to getting the greatest benefit in the digital economy. A new phase of integration has been set in motion thanks to Cloud Computing technologies, which enable organizations to modernize their information systems and get access to new applications, faster and at a lower cost. But even though most large organizations have already made their first successful trials in this area, they are still far from having moved over to Cloud Computing – whether public or private – on a large scale. Certain obstacles remain but, without wanting to make too many predictions, 2014 should mark a new step towards the widespread use of Cloud technologies.

mega, giga, tera, peta, exa, zetta, yotta, nina, tena…
The computerization of the economy and whole areas of society instigates a revolution in our relationship with digital data. We are now in the age of Big Data, an age when we have to know how to process, analyze, understand, store and even how to get rid of huge amounts of data. New mobile devices and billions of sensors are appearing almost everywhere… in the city, in the products we buy, in health… Smart switches on radiators help us save energy. Sensors inside the human body transmit real-time data such as temperature, pulse rate and blood sugar level. For companies and public sector organizations alike, Big Data certainly presents great opportunities to develop new business as well as to optimize existing processes.

Extreme computing for all
High-Performance Computing technologies and computer simulation are experiencing remarkable growth rates. Long reserved for defense and weather forecasting – areas where Bull provides the most powerful supercomputers on the planet – more than any other technologies, they enable innovation, development and the creation of new kinds of applications and products: creams that are kinder to sensitive skins, better managed waterway networks, more effectively controlled epidemics, ever safer and more efficient cars.

Total security
The globalization of trade, greater mobility of people and goods, and the uncontrolled dissemination of technologies bring with them new risks against which nation States, as well as businesses and individuals, need to protect themselves. Every day brings with it malicious acts against information systems, often resulting in substantial financial damage. At the same time as the risks are increasing, demands for security and sovereignty are increasingly high, and essential.

Bull’s new strategic plan
It is against this backdrop that Bull has defined its new strategic plan. It totally aligns with what Bull does best: understanding how to integrate new technologies and new applications as they emerge, thanks its very extensive experience in secure, powerful, flexible and reliable information systems. From now on, you can rely on our commitment to support you in transforming your information system, so that your business can make the most of the new digital age depending on its own specific needs.

You also see in front of you the new, revitalized ‘Bull Direct’. Inside, you’ll find the main issues at the heart of the digital enterprise. You can post your comments, or add your own ideas via an interview or an opinion piece. Focused around these new kinds of IT applications, interactive and totally digital, and ready to listen to what you have to say: the new Bull Direct is also, in itself, an illustration of the path that Bull intends to follow.

We’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year for 2014: one that is full of successes and innovations. And we hope you enjoy reading Bull Direct.

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