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Philosopher and sprinter

Posted on 19 December 2013 by Pierre Picard

December 19th 2013 – Interview with Alexandre Bilger, Chairman and CEO of Sinequa.
Interview by Pierre Picard

Alexandre Bilger is Chairman and CEO of Sinequa, the software company specializing in enterprise Big Data search and analytics. Sinequa operates in many different industries, most notably banking and insurance, the pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, telecoms and services.

Sinequa helps its customers tackle the problems of accessing and analyzing heterogeneous information, in total security. Its platform allows the huge amount of corporate Big Data to be absorbed, structured and transformed into useful information using semantic analysis based on years of research and development into linguistics. Sinequa: as learned as a philosopher and as fast as a sprinter!


Definite ROI for a wide range of applications
According to Alexandre Bilger, “Our solutions are used in many different industries and really come into their own in scenarios where unified access to heterogeneous information is essential.

“We are enabling Siemens to provide a 360° view of technologies being developed or already available at all its R&D facilities worldwide.

“In banking, insurance and telecoms, our solutions allow our clients to ensure real-time access to an overview of their business activities with a customer, encompassing its contracts, its phone-based interactions, its emails and its interactions with its branch network. This 360° vision allows all relevant information to be pulled together, no matter what source it comes from, so as to optimize customer relationship management, whether in a bank or a telecoms operator’s call center. When customers in these kinds of industries adopt the Sinequa platform, it can result in annual savings of up to €60 million as it massively reduces access times to data from all their enterprise applications and, as a result, average call durations.

“Another case study comes from the pharmaceutical industry: by revealing implicit social networks of experts, we enabled our customer AstraZeneca to more quickly put together expert teams in a given area, for example gene science, particular molecules and drugs, and illnesses.

A remarkable fact: over and above the relatively predictable ROI our solution offers to businesses, our clients regularly discover new ways of using it… generating additional return on investment that they had not initially expected.”

Extreme performance
“Faced with the explosion in the amounts of data, our customers need extreme performance in order to analyze and access them in real time. To deliver this kind of extreme performance, we turned to the bullion range of servers from Bull. In the tests we carried out, their in-memory architecture allowed us to deal with 100 billion records and index 10 million records a second with one bullion server. That represents a ratio of around 1:40 when you compare a bullion server to a ‘commodity’ machine!

“This veritable quantum leap in performance offers a whole new spectrum of experiences in the analysis of real-time data search and analytics. Our customers are now well equipped to address the Big Data challenge, while keeping control of their infrastructure.

Big Data is a new and very exciting area: both for our customers and their users, because it enables solutions that we couldn’t even imagine just a short time ago. And it’s very exciting for solution providers such as Sinequa and Bull, because it pushes hardware and software and, therefore, it stretches the engineers who design them beyond previously accepted limits!”


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