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InvenTED Here: Bull, partnering TEDx Women France

02 December 2013 by Tiphaine Hecketsweiler, Communications and Branding Director, Groupe Bull

 Why is Bull getting involved with the TEDx Champs-Elysées Women event?

T. HecketsweilerSupporting the first ever TEDx Champs-Elysées Women event is an obvious move for Bull.
For 80 years now our Group has lived by and for innovation, and innovation is our only path to success. So when Bull met the team of experts who are promoting the values of the TED conferences, a highly accessible sharing of knowledge and spotlight on the talents of women supporting a new vision, the decision was made very fast.

The theme for 2013 – ‘Invented here’ – reflects society’s current challenges where creation is local even though development is global and has particular resonance in our Group, with its firm focus on the future.

Sharing, Innovation and Vision: these are three values that unite TED and Bull, which will be explored together on 7 December at the TEDx Champs-Elysées Women event.

Watch Tiphaine Hecketsweiler’s interview (in French)

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