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Innovation: a shared value

22 November 2013 by Philippe Vannier, Bull Chairman and CEO

More than ever, innovation – invariably seen as the best way to get on the path to growth and competitiveness – has come to symbolize the future. But you cannot force innovation. It’s all about finding fresh responses to real and practical problems that may only be implicit or just starting to emerge. Which is why innovation comes at least as much from experience as it does from imagination. Technology innovation, as practiced by Bull, demands an extremely close relationship with users; as clearly illustrated by the Group’s recent success in the defense sector, with a major contract for the French defense procurement agency, or by our holistic approach to the rapidly transforming healthcare sector: technology is nothing without an excellent knowledge of the field. Before you can develop anything, you have to listen, question, understand, suggest… in other words, act like a true partner.

This approach to innovation rooted in reality, to support the business, has always inspired Bull’s R&D efforts. This culture of pragmatism, ingenuity and methodical approach, has never been so lively and productive, both in our labs and in our work with customers. This approach is also perfectly suited to the current economic climate. When they express their concerns, their needs and their ideas, businesses and public sector bodies are now looking for concrete, original and made-to-measure responses. Bull knows better than anyone how to tap into its portfolio of projects, skills and technologies to deliver those responses.

We never push back the boundaries of technology just for a challenge or as a matter of principle. The guiding principles behind our technological advances are about the benefits that they bring to our customers. For Bull, innovation is always a shared value.

Source: Open World N°15

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