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Healthcare: where security meets innovation

18 June 2013 by Philippe Vannier, CEO de Bull

Faced with huge medical and social challenges, the healthcare sector is undergoing radical change. From medical imaging to electronic patient records, information technologies play an increasingly fundamental role in addressing these emerging issues. To meet these challenges and future expectations, innovation has to be speeded up, old ways of doing things must be turned upside down, the boundaries of the possible must be stretched… and all in an environment where there is absolutely no room for taking risks. Because it’s not just about putting in place tools to improve efficiency, accuracy or cost-control: it’s about the very lives of patients themselves. No matter how innovative they may be, when it comes to solutions aimed at the health sector there can be no room for compromise in terms of their security, safety, reliability or confidentiality. Over and above its ability to innovate, a technology partner operating in the health sector must embody the values of faultless trust, security and commitment. That’s just what Bull has been doing for over three decades now, with the result that it is now recognized as a global, trusted partner in the healthcare sector.

This ability to deliver the whole range of technological and business expertise needed to develop innovative, secure and reliable solutions – as well as the guarantees required from a trusted partner – is Bull’s trademark. That’s why Bull works in the most sensitive sectors, such as health, but also defense, transport, the public sector, banking and telecoms. It’s what has enabled us to win several major contracts very recently. These deals are significant not only for their sheer size, but also because they are absolutely mission-critical for our customers: the development of its new Scorpion combat information system for the French army, the rationalization of all Aena Aeropuertos’ applications (the world’s biggest airports operator), running all IT services for Tele Colombus, one of Germany’s leading cable operators… These contracts run for no less than five years. What better proof of commitment and trust?

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