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French Defense Procurement Agency (Direction Générale de l’Armement, DGA) turns to Bull to develop its Scorpion combat information system (SICS)

Posted on 17 June 2013 by Pierre Picard

Bull will equip all Army units from 2016 onwards with a unified information system, under a contract worth some €40 million.

As part of its program to rationalize its operational information systems, the DGA’s aim is to equip the majority of current land-based units with a unified information system, replacing a number of existing systems and covering the requirements of inter-force tactical groups when it comes to exchanging and protecting operational command and visualization information, and tactical situation intelligence. As a result, SICS will offer its users a better system when it comes to simplicity, usability, robustness, automation and smooth exchanges between and within the various levels of command.

Drawing on its extensive expertise in mission-critical systems, high-level security, real-time signal processing and the implementation of complex solutions in technologically heterogeneous environments, Bull put forward an innovative approach that borrows methodologies and technologies from the civilian sphere, ruggedizing them for military requirements. The DGA was won over by this approach, which offers modern user interaction and unification of a number of existing systems, within a carefully controlled framework of costs. The use of open technologies should cut the total cost ownership of tactical operational information systems and offer greater scope to evolve the system to keep pace with future needs.

We are greatly honored to have been chosen by the DGA. This significant contract for French Defense reaffirms our commitment to provide our customers with global solutions that match their needs as closely as possible, drawing on our complementary skills and expertise in security and the integration of highly complex solutions,” said Philippe Vannier, Bull’s Chairman and CEO.

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