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Bull ranked among the top 10% of IT companies for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by EcoVadis

Posted on 17 June 2013 by Pierre Picard

Bull’s CSR policy praised by ratings’ agencies, investors and customers alike.

Bull enjoys the fruits of a determined and structured CSR policy.

In 2012, the Group was ranked by EcoVadis as one of the top 10% best regarded IT companies in terms of its CSR. Bull has moved up to 11th place in the overall ranking of 230 quoted companies in France evaluated by the GAIA Index for their commitment to CSR and is the third highest ranked services company. In the ‘Grand Prix de la Transparence 2012’, Bull was also ranked second among services companies for the quality of its annual report. In France, polling company TNS Sofres produces a customer satisfaction barometer, based on a representative sample, and in this survey 70% of customers said they saw Bull as “a player in sustainable development”. After ‘10/10 for CSR’ given last year by one of France’s biggest bank, one of France’s biggest public financial institutions– itself involved heavily in sustainable development – ranked Bull in first place for its CSR approach, ahead of 116 rivals in the IT sector, in a 2013 consultation.

CSR: a commitment to the future and a catalyst for overall performance.

Bull’s approach to CSR plays a central role in three of the Group’s key commitments to its customers: technological excellence, the development of human capital and trust. This pragmatic and genuine approach is focused on real issues, puts the emphasis on concrete actions and outcomes within the business, and delivers real added value. Since 2010 – in line with the Group’s strategy and the major challenges faced by the IT sector – Bull’s strategy to CSR has been structured around two core principles: Corporate Responsibilities (environmental, social, corporate governance) and Business Responsibilities (related to the uses of IT: HPC, ‘green IT’, smart solutions for business…).

“In the way it does business and the solutions it delivers to its customers, the Bull Group is committed to building sustainable growth that respects social, societal and environmental equilibrium,” commented Philippe Vannier, Chairman and CEO of Bull. “ If the next few years represent the digital age, they will also be marked by major societal and environmental challenges which will have to address collectively. Technology brings us great hope. Through the development of Open Source, Green IT and a sustained recruitment campaign, Bull is determined to play a full part in this sustainable and responsible development.”

Green IT and IT for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), dynamic tools for modernization and growth

In 2011, Bull received European first prize for implementing energy management best practice in the data center. And in 2012, bullion™, the Group’s most recent family of enterprise servers, successfully proved to be between 30% and 70% more energy efficient than its main rivals, thanks to a number of patented technology advances.

Bull also offers ‘smart’ new IT solutions that actively support progress in other sectors of the economy including: social welfare, citizen relationship management, transport optimization and ‘smart city’ cards for local authorities; on-line processes, healthcare solutions and automated mail sorting for central government; e-banking and security for financial organizations; distribution and supply network optimization for energy companies…

By implementing these novel solutions, public and private sector organizations alike will have the tools to rapidly, significantly and collectively contribute to their economic and environmental objectives.

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