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Today’s operational and command information systems prepare next-generation soldiers

Posted on 23 April 2013 by Pierre Picard

The armed forces are pushed by technological developments and their tactical and operational needs, to update their operational and command information systems, despite the tough budget constraints they face. With the development of increasingly targeted, remote operations – often on the international stage – future operational and command information systems must be rapidly deployable, in a whole variety of terrains, and must interface easily with third-party systems in order to ensure efficient transmission of information in the field of operations.

Bull’s innovative approach

To answer these needs, Bull offers an innovative approach borrowing methodologies and technologies from the civilian world and ruggedizing them for military level use. This approach – which also applies to other sensitive sectors such as aerospace, transport and energy – delivers up-to-date ergonomics and unification of existing systems, even the most recent, for a tightly limited budget. The use of open technologies makes the most of investments in legacy systems and extends their lifespan, while cutting TCO and enabling them to be modernized in preparation for the future.

With its complementary experience and expertise in critical information systems, high-level IT security, real-time signal processing and the implementation of complex solutions in heterogeneous environments, Bull ensures the secure networking of diverse identification and communication devices (terrestrial, maritime and airports). Actions and indicators in the field are reported by the operational and command information systems in real time for rapid, well-informed and reliable decision-making.

The DGA (French defense procurement agency) has turned to Bull to deliver its future combat information system, Scorpion

As a player in digital security, Bull offers a wide range of services and products to the defense and homeland security market: ‘defense confidential’ level cyber-security, vital infrastructure protection and electronic warfare. In tune with emerging risks, Bull uses its full range of experience to meet the very specific challenges of this sensitive sector.

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