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Orona designs its Secure Cloud project with the help of Bull

Posted on 23 April 2013 by Pierre Picard

Secure Cloud will serve as the foundation for Orona’s corporate transformation, featuring its international expansion


After completing a design phase for its future technology platform, Orona has selected Bull to implement and deploy Orona Secure Cloud. With a budget of €6,250,000, the project will be implemented throughout 2013 and 2014. It will affect the Orona Group’s headquarters in Spain and its subsidiaries abroad, which are instrumental to the development of its new business model.

Orona Secure Cloud includes over 70 concrete initiatives, which are grouped into eight strategic areas, with Bull as its technological partner:

Technology platform. Consulting, definition, and implementation of the new logical architecture and the architecture for servers, storage, backup, and archiving

Flexible Desktop. Consulting, definition, and implementation of new tools for use in the workplace and on the go (smartphone, tablets, etc.)

M2M. Advising on machine-to-machine communications

Social ICT. Consulting, definition, and implementation of collaborative tools

Orona IDeO – Innovation City. Consulting on access security systems and the construction of the new Orona IDeO data centre, an innovation ecosystem that incorporates corporate, university, and research involvement

Security. Consulting, definition, and implementation of the high-availability architecture, including disaster recovery, logical security, and data security

Communications. Consulting, definition, and implementation of the new multiservice data network

Managed Services. Consulting, definition, and implementation of the user and internal support services model

About Orona

Orona is a group of companies with more than four decades of experience, made up of 30 companies in Spain, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Norway and 4,060 employees.

Orona’s business focuses on the design, production, installation, maintenance, and modernisation of its mobility solutions, such as lifts, escalators, ramps, and walkways. All of this encompasses a full range of services in all business segments, from residential to commercial, including public health, heritage buildings, heavy loads, etc.

Orona is part of the Mondragon Corporation, whose cooperatives total more than 85,000 people. Orona represents cooperative experience that is constantly evolving, globally integrated, and committed to social, energy, and environmental networks, and Orona is innovating in order to make eco-friendly cities a reality, to create wealth, and to foster value in the environment.


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