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Katoen Natie appoints Bull as its chosen partner for servers and storage

Posted on 23 April 2013 by Pierre Picard

Bull’s focus on service delivery, storage expertise and international presence played a decisive role in the final choice

The leading Belgian logistics company, Katoen Natie, has chosen Bull as its preferred partner for the supply of servers and storage solutions worldwide. Having delivered pilot projects in Thailand and Belgium, new initiatives are about to begin in France, Singapore and Italy.

Katoen Natie chose Bull for its expertise in storage, its international presence and its business approach centered on customers and service delivery. “We often use our state-of-the-art infrastructure as a key selling point with potential new customers,” explains Frank Brugge, ICT Manager at Katoen Natie. “The way in which ICT forms an integral part of our logistics processes, for example, plays a decisive role in our operational efficiency.” For instance, Katoen Natie was one of the pioneers in the introduction of new technologies such as ‘Voice Picking’ and ‘Pick-to-Light’ in its warehouses. “We didn’t necessarily want to be the first to adopt a new trend and suffer all the teething problems that entails,” continues Frank Brugge, “but we certainly want to be up there with those following those trends: we’ve adopted the same attitude when it comes to server virtualization.”

Katoen Natie is keen to get new customers up and running rapidly. “So it’s essential that all our platforms – from desktops to servers and storage, not forgetting printers and network components – are as standardized as possible. So whether you’re looking to set up a Katoen Natie data center in Kallo or Singapore, you’ll always get the same equipment. Above all, it’s a matter of efficiency when it comes to managing all our resources.”

The criteria that led Katoen Natie to choose Bull include the Group’s EMC experience, as well as its very clear focus on service delivery. The fact that the very first project was carried out in Thailand demonstrated Bull’s extreme flexibility as a services provider. “The pilot projects in Thailand and Belgium allowed us to evaluate Bull’s services, both locally and at a distance, as well as to assess its technical expertise, of course. Bull passed the test with flying colors.” 

New installations are planned this year in France, Singapore and Italy. A back-up project using the Data Domain appliance has also been launched at the company’s Kallo site, in the port of Antwerp.

Frank Brugge is delighted by their collaboration with Bull. “The quality and commitment of the people who carry out the work is vitally important to the success of this kind of project. Everything has gone without any difficulties, and Bull has proved that it really cares about the quality of service it provides. We’ve benefited from the good cultural fit between Bull’s motivation and the high levels of quality that Katoen Natie demands.”

It’s no coincidence that Katoen Natie chose the Bull /EMC alliance,” says Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO of Bull Belux. “Data availability is vital for businesses, which is why Bull sets such great store by our knowledge of data storage and provides unrivalled expertise in areas such as back-up and disaster recovery.”

Katoen Natie: 150 years of logistics!

Katoen Natie is a Belgian corporation that provides logistics services to companies in various sectors of the economy worldwide. Katoen Natie offers integrated logistics solutions covering warehousing, storage, packaging, transport and distribution, as well as process technology and port operations. The company manages 154 logistics platforms in 30 countries and employs some 9,300 people.


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