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Data Center Infrastructure Management for competitive advantage

Posted on 23 April 2013 by Pierre Picard

Data center consultancy, management support and energy management services

62% of data centers need to be rebuilt or relocated, while over 60% of companies are planning to adopt a holistic approach to managing their IT infrastructures between now and 2014. At a time when the digital revolution is fundamentally transforming business processes – and everything is forcing IT Departments to adopt new forms of implementation such as Cloud computing – pressure on data centers is intensifying. Availability, ease of operation, flexibility, costs, energy efficiency… so many different parameters have to be managed to maintain a constant equilibrium between business imperatives and infrastructures.

The advent of dedicated software suites and the implementation of more efficient and effective processes open up whole new opportunities for the data center. Faced with unprecedented energy challenges, a new approach is being mapped out that takes account of the issues of the data center in its entirety:

- The management of floor space, power supplies and cooling

- Cutting electricity consumption

- Capacity management

- The need to take sustainable development imperatives into account

- Improving energy efficiency

- Compliance with government regulations.

When all these parameters are brought together under a single umbrella, the IT Department can not only cut its energy bills but also equip itself with powerful tools to improve the efficiency and performance of the data center.

Bull and CA Technologies: a strategic alliance to speed up data center transformation

Since 2011, Bull and CA Technologies have worked together in a strategic alliance to deliver value-added services and solutions that help organizations modernize and revolutionize their data centers. At the heart of this alliance is CA DCIM, a new-generation solution designed to supervise, manage and optimize the data center, which has been qualified and chosen by Bull for its comprehensive functional scope. With CA DCIM, essential information is collected for more effective analysis, reporting, alerts and control, but also to enable the planning of upgrades that will guarantee the levels of efficiency, availability and capacity that users within the business expect. Information about energy consumption and CO2 emissions can automatically be integrated into the ecoGovernance solution, which complements CA DCIM and manages the definition and monitoring of the organization’s sustainable development strategy, including the production of carbon footprint information.

Bull Advisory Services works alongside businesses throughout their transformation projects

Bull has built up a unique body of experience in CA Technologies solutions and offers support services from the initial analysis and consultancy phases right through to the implementation of the final management system and its integration within the information system. In particular, Bull helps IT Departments demonstrate the value this creates for the business and to comply with all the current regulations in force, using powerful reporting tools. In addition, the Group can offer its ‘Vision’ services in ‘as a Service’ mode, for integrated and remote surveillance from Bull’s own High-Availability Center.

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