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Bull supports CNAF’s transformation

Posted on 23 April 2013 by Pierre Picard

For an organization at the heart of national solidarity – whose services support over 30 million people in France – effectively managing the data lifecycle is vital. That’s precisely the challenge behind a new project, launched by CNAF’s Information Systems Directorate, which is determined to focus on a service-driven culture.

The role of CNAF – the family branch of the French social security system – is to serve those receiving its benefits: managing legal entitlements and developing social action for families in France. With its strong values of equality, solidarity and neutrality, it guarantees the proper use of public funds and is committed to constantly improving the performance of its services and its management.

As the contract between the State and the various social security agencies comes up for renewal, the Information Systems Directorate at CNAF has committed itself to a new way of providing IT services, designed to build smoother and more proactive relationships with users in the organization, that totally reflect their needs, while also improving productivity.

A pilot project: data lifecycle management

CNAF has chosen to use one of its strategic activities – data lifecycle management – to pave the way for its new customer-driven service delivery model.  

For an organization like CNAF, keeping on top of the constant changes to data infrastructures involves not only implementing operational best practice in order to provide the expected service levels, but also putting in place a real system of governance covering both projects and production.

The benefits expected to result from this kind of approach are in line with the challenges being faced: a whole new dynamic between IT and the business, and a shared view of requirements and costs for, ultimately, greater efficiency and more control over spending. In other words, the ability to address any new requirement from the business in a responsive and relevant way, focusing on the best choices in terms of infrastructures and offering more appropriate service levels, without additional costs.

The services catalogue: cornerstone of the transformation

Very rapidly, CNAF started to think through the strategy it needed to deploy in order to put in place this new approach to data lifecycle management. And it turned to Bull to support it through this step-by-step transformation towards a customer-oriented service delivery model.

As Jacqueline Ben Soussan, Manager of the Storage, Back-up and Archiving sector at CNAF and the head of this project, explains: “Although we had a clear vision of what we’re trying to achieve, we were also looking for an objective, external view and the added value that a specialist in IT transformation could bring to support us. Thanks to Bull, with all its methodologies, tools and expertise, we have been able to embark on the process, to structure it and so establish the foundation stones of a service-driven culture.”  

Bull consultants are involved at several levels: they are mapping the storage capacity of various organizations within CNAF and providing dashboards to see the precise utilization of resources, using Vision, Bull’s unified infrastructure monitoring solution delivered in SaaS mode. Finally, they are carrying out in-depth audits that will enable them to propose new ways of doing things, which will help CNAF rethink its data lifecycle management strategy.

So Bull is helping to lay the foundations for a services-oriented organization, focusing particularly on standardization and consistency of services, a repository of operational best practice, quantifying the cost of services, defining the services catalogue and, eventually, putting in place project governance systems.

This transformation should enable IT to deliver real value to the business functions within the institution, as well as a clear vision of what they can expect in terms of performance, quality and costs. It’s a fundamental change, which will boost the organization’s overall maturity,” concludes Jacqueline Ben Soussan.

Bull Advisory Services, a dedicated consulting team for data center transformation                     

The consultants at Bull Advisory Services support major organizations in their IT infrastructure transformation projects, to help them implement innovative service models such as Cloud computing and Big Data.

Their approach involves defining the roadmap that will guide the IT Department towards its new role as a services provider, getting involved throughout the infrastructure lifecycle and at every stage of the transformation. With their in-depth expertise in IT processes, they measure, evaluate, optimize and refocus the data center in a cycle of continuous improvement. So, by steering IT Departments towards best practice, thanks to an obsession with optimizing costs and efficiency, the consultants at Bull Advisory Services help to ensure that information systems truly create value for the business.


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