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Carrefour entrusts its IT support to Bull

Posted on 15 March 2013 by Pierre Picard

Carrefour France has once again demonstrated its confidence in Bull, by handing over responsibility for its Service Desk for a three-year period. The contract covers the retailer’s entire IT support chain in France.

Under the terms of the deal, Bull is the single point of contact for some 220,000 potential users – from people operating the 20,000 tills in shops to personnel in distribution warehouses and head office operations – across more than 2,500 sites. Bull is responsible for logging and qualifying support requests, resolving incidents on line and transmitting more complex matters or those beyond the scope of the applications included to higher levels of support.

Bull: at the heart of a strategic resource

The efficiency and smooth operation of the IT support chain is vitally important for the effective running of key business processes – both front and back-office – including cashing up, logistics, order and stock management, and day-to-day consolidation of takings.
So as to limit the impact and duration of support tickets, Bull has made a commitment to ensuring that every user has access to someone with the relevant competences in their particular area, from the very first call. In total, over 530 business applications are covered, as well as support calls relating to some 54,000 items of hardware.

In order to provide this assurance Bull, along with the teams from Carrefour, has put in place a comprehensive and complete solution with the aim of guaranteeing the levels of efficiency, responsiveness and service quality that the business needs. Service delivery commitments – whether in terms of unanswered call rates, incident resolution timescales or escalation times – have all been defined in line with quality improvement targets related to how critical each application is.

This way of organizing support has resulted in significant improvements

  • The proportion of incidents requiring follow-up calls has fallen from 10% to just 1.5%
  • The proportion of issues resolved immediately, during the initial support call, has gone up from 30% to 50%
  • The total number of support calls has fallen by 10%.

According to Yves Duport, Application Support Manager at Carrefour: “Bull has become a true partner, supporting us in the fundamental transformation of our Information Systems support chain. This relationship has enabled us to simplify our organization structures and processes, with a direct impact on the company’s operational efficiency and our user satisfaction levels.”

An organization capitalizing on best practices

The keystone of the project, the Service Desk organization, is automated and draws on several support centers, as well as Bull’s teams in France and in Casablanca in Morocco, to manage a total of over 500,000 support calls a year. The various support centers are interconnected and linked into the Carrefour network via dedicated, secure connections.

Bull has brought into play its knowledge and expertise to help transform the IT support into an efficient Service Desk organization, especially when it comes to choosing state-of-the-art technologies such as voice recognition, the definition of services processes based on industry standards such as ITIL, and the implementation of a very detailed reporting system. A shared progress plan is designed to ensure continuous improvement in user satisfaction levels and to optimize support costs.

The real value that we deliver to Carrefour is the result of over a decade’s experience in the field of Service Desks. This has enabled Bull to provide all the essential components for this complex and constantly evolving contract, with high levels of service delivery and a real long-term commitment. We are proud to be contributing to Carrefour France’s operational efficiency,” concludes Jérôme Belley, Director of Bull Managed Services France.

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