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bull fast track: Business Intelligence made simpler

Posted on 15 March 2013 by Pierre Picard

From marketing to human resources, from production to finance, managers have an almost infinitely rich mine of information available to them. Customer behaviour, average shopping cart values, attrition rates, market trends, employee profiles… They know what’s available within the business and, increasingly, outside it (Big Data): infinite amounts of valuable and significant data that could help them take better and smarter decisions, much faster. And they know that progress in Business Intelligence applications like data mining, advanced analytics and free text searches means they can exploit that resource even more fully.

But Business Intelligence (BI) systems designed decades ago just can’t cope with the exponential growth in information, and no longer meet the needs or expectations of the business. Too often, BI project managers are forced to choose between price and performance, industrialization and flexibility, acceptable service levels (SLAs) and scalability, standardization and personalization, rich functionality and in-depth analysis… To reconcile these competing demands – Bull offers bull fast track, an innovative turnkey BI platform. Its appliance has been developed by Bull around the Microsoft Fast Track specifications – the benchmark architecture recommended by Microsoft to optimize the use of SQL Server in Data Warehouses – bull fast track is a dedicated BI appliance. A ‘plug & go’ solution, bull fast track is implemented end to end by Bull, for fast and secure BI projects that effectively reconcile business needs and technical constraints.

bull fast track, the unique advantages of a made-to-measure, industrialized solution

bull fast track is an integrated platform that combines hardware, software and expert services to simplify, speed up and secure BI projects. Its key assets include:

  • The performance of a massively parallel system… at a highly competitive cost
  • The integration of a dedicated infrastructure combined with a customized BI stack
  • A single point of contact before, during and after the project, for continuity of service
  • Easier access to all Bull’s business and technical resources
  • Availability of industry sectors or functional variants of the solution; the first being dedicated to Telco operators and HR.

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