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Bull extends its Le cloud by Bull offering, to help organizations reap the full benefit of the Cloud

Posted on 25 January 2013 by Pierre Picard

Bull becomes an official Numergy reseller and launches secure public Cloud services

Bull, the leader in mission-critical digital systems, is boosting its Cloud strategy with offerings that combine all the various Cloud delivery mechanisms to make the Cloud a powerful driver for innovation and growth. To achieve this, Bull is helping organizations to define and implement the most appropriate Cloud strategies for their business.

New secure public Cloud services now available

Following the creation of Numergy – Europe’s first digital energy producer – of which Bull is a key shareholder, Bull has become an official Numergy reseller, and is launching its own public Cloud solutions including IaaS services on-call 24×7 and plug-and-play PaaS solutions for specific business sectors or made to measure for individual organizations. Bull is providing its extensive range of expertise in security and running mission-critical systems to deliver high-level services and significant added value.

Philippe Tavernier, Executive Chairman and CEO of Numergy, commented: “We are proud to welcome Bull as a Numergy reseller. With Bull’s help, organizations will be able access all the digital energy they need, and benefit from the highest levels of service quality and commitment. For Numergy, this move also underpins the creation of a powerful ecosystem to support growth in industry at a national and European level.”

The reseller contract represents a new leap forward for Bull in the Cloud computing market. “Before, the challenge was to prepare for the advent of the Cloud in the business world,” said Philippe Miltin, Executive VP at Bull Computing Solution, “whereas nowadays it is to speed up innovation by taking full advantage of the potential of the Cloud, whether private, public or hybrid. Bull now offers just such an approach, and is ideally positioned to help organizations move from the technological Cloud to the business Cloud. Our reseller contract with Numergy reflects Bull’s profound commitment to the Cloud computing market.

An approach based around four Cloud implementation modes

With Le cloud by Bull, Bull helps organizations define and implement service delivery models that combine all their requirements in terms of service levels, security and costs:

  • Private Clouds: having rationalized and virtualized the Data Center, IT Departments are speeding up the automation of activities in order to migrate towards a secure private Cloud. Bull provides all the necessary expertise to implement the appropriate industrialization and automation tools and roll out the most comprehensive Cloud suites currently available, to form a veritable platform for transformation.
  • Hosted private Clouds: by handing over responsibility for operating their infrastructures – whilst maintaining full overall control – IT Departments can meet the challenges of service quality, agility and security. Some 1,600 experts in IT production and services governance at Bull use a highly secure, industrial-scale network of Data Centers, owned and managed entirely by Bull, to successfully deliver high added value services.
  • The public Cloud: in a fundamentally changing economic environment, the pressure is intensifying on organizations who need access to the digital resources they require for their business with as much flexibility as possible. Bull provides a range of services covering all kinds of demands: from the standard to the most mission-critical. IaaS on-call 24×7, made-to-measure and business-oriented ready-to-use Cloud platforms… all ‘Powered by Numergy’ and further enhanced with Bull’s expertise.
  • Hybrid Clouds: to ensure that the private Cloud is truly a driver for growth, it must be designed to be open to all Cloud models, by using absolutely services-oriented infrastructures. With its expertise and experience in Cloud technologies and its know-how as a systems architect, integrator and operator, Bull defines the best strategies for this and implements made-to-measure Cloud models.

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