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Bull Boost: the catalyst for current and future growth

Posted on 25 January 2013 by Pierre Picard

As we embark on a new year, the economic climate remains tough. But in this fragile climate, the time has never been so ripe for new initiatives. Provided that projects are innovative, clearly targeted and can rapidly deliver profitable results, growth is still there for the taking, and technology is indisputably your strongest ally in this quest.

It is from this resolutely positive, ambitious and pragmatic viewpoint that Bull has created Bull Boost: a program of offerings designed to help you ensure that digital technology is a catalyst for growth, providing an immediate ‘boost’ to your activities.

The whole aim behind Bull Boost is to bring you proven, turnkey solutions and ideas that can be rapidly implemented and will directly create value, in four key areas: operational excellence, customer relationships, innovation, and trust.

Why these four themes? Because each of them has a dual strategic interest: in the short term, as it is in these areas that digital technology can deliver rapidly the greatest added value; and in the medium term, because they will also be the four cornerstones of tomorrow’s most successful businesses.

To succeed in our digital society, close customer relationships have to be redefined above and beyond simple computerization. Business must be able to innovate, unceasingly, to create their own markets for themselves. They must turn security into a positive competitive advantage and so build even more trust. And finally they must have an industrial-scale, flexible infrastructure that allows them to evolve seamlessly in a constantly changing environment.   

So with Bull Boost, Bull is positioning itself more than even as its customers’ trusted technology partner.

May I thank you again for your faith in Bull, and hope that 2013 is a year when the potential of your organization is fully realized.

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