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The Mantes la Jolie Hospital Center is virtualizing its business critical applications

Posted on 15 November 2012 by Pierre Picard

The François Quesnay Hospital Center in Mantes la Jolie covers the entire spectrum of medical, chirurgical and obstetric care. Located in the Paris region, the hospital has a capacity of 717 beds.

The François Quesnay Hospital Center has renewed its IT infrastructure to secure its information system and meet the growing needs in the computerization of services, such as emergencies and prescriptions.

Increased flexibility in the implementation of the disaster recovery plan

The Hospital Center started a consolidation approach in order to cope with the proliferation of physical machines and to secure critical applications servers. The challenge was to improve the service levels of its application and to achieve a wider flexibility in the implementation of its disaster recovery plan. The Mantes la Jolie Hospital Center wanted as well to rationalize, consolidate and improve the availability of its data infrastructure.

Bull provided a comprehensive solution that combined integration services and bullion servers to virtualize and secure x86 applications in two active/active sites. At the same time, Bull managed the evolution of the storage infrastructure towards a solution distributed on two sites with replicated EMC storage bays.

The objective was to provide a turnkey infrastructure to the Hospital Center that could be rapidly operational and would bring improved levels of availability and performance.

Today thanks to the new infrastructure required availability levels are provided through:

  • Uninterrupted services on each site thanks to a cluster of virtualized servers.
  • Disaster recovery for critical applications in case of a disruptive event on one site.

Four bullion servers replace 40 x86 servers to improve the availability of patient files applications

Through the virtualization on bullion servers, the Hospital Center in Mantes la Jolie has significantly reduced its Data center footprint since four bullion servers replace 40 x86 servers. The solution as a whole, built on four bullion servers distributed on two sites has reinforced the availability of critical applications related to the management of patient files: follow up of files themselves as well as billing. In addition this solution provides improved infrastructure scalability, in particular for the upcoming renewal of the patient file with McKesson software vendor. In concrete terms when the Hospital Center had to solve an air conditioning failure in the data center, moving machines from one bullion cluster to the other was an easy task with no service interruption.

Seamless integration and reduced energy consumption

The integration within the information system was carried out progressively in order to prevent massive interruption of service. As soon as bullion servers were installed, the Hospital Center gained a major flexibility in the workload distribution to face peak loads. Another bullion advantage: the significant reduction of energy consumption, perfectly in line with the sustainable development approach of the Hospital Center.

In conclusion, the virtualization on bullion improved the quality of service provided by the Information System Department to the Hospital Center and delivered as well a flexible system scalability, increased productivity and improved level of the system in operational conditions for a team with limited IT resources.

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