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Bullion supporting ITESOFT’s core business

Posted on 15 November 2012 by Pierre Picard

When it came to updating its IT infrastructure, ITESOFT – a global leader in automated document processing software – has used bullion™ servers from Bull to take full advantage of the benefits of virtualization: increased processing power, resource sharing, greater flexibility and lower costs.


When any business is focused on the value it delivers to its customers – and that value comes from leading-edge technologies that are constantly evolving – it is essential that its information systems are up to the job. That is what led ITESOFT to chose bullion servers from Bull to virtualize its critical applications, to give its teams access to all the flexibility and processing power they need for continual innovation and enable them to deliver faultless service to customers.


Innovation, at the heart of ITESOFT’s expertise
As a pioneer in intelligent document recognition and the management of paperless processes, ITESOFT has succeeded in differentiating itself through its unrivalled technological expertise. Today, its 50 R&D engineers and 45 Professional Services engineers are focused on designing solutions that integrate seamlessly into its customers’ critical business processes, all of which involve managing massive numbers of incoming documents on a daily basis. So automating data flows is vital to them.


bullion chosen to build a powerful and scalable information system
The Intelligent Document Capture and process automation software developed by ITESOFT requires huge amounts of processing power, as well as faultless reliability and availability. Every day, experts in industrializing business processes have to test their software using vast amounts of data in extremely tight timescales, in order to simulate their customers’ business activities.

To address this challenge, ITESOFT wanted a more powerful and cohesive architecture, and chose seven bullion servers for the job. All of these are available for use by the firm’s R&D experts, Professional Services and Customer Support teams. As a result, ITESOFT’s engineers can now process up to 400,000 documents a day, using just one of its bullion servers.

A perfect fit with the existing VMware infrastructure
Very early in the project, ITESOFT chose to use VMware; which meant that integrating bullion into the information system, along with the other components, was achieved quickly and simply. A ‘Proof of concept’ at Bull’s demo center in Grenoble, the Customer Briefing Center, enabled the software solution, ITESOFT.Freemind Enterprise, to be tested on a bullion infrastructure and to demonstrate the performance of the synergy between  ITESOFT.Freemind Enterprise, VMware and bullion. “Thanks to bullion and its rapid integration with the existing infrastructure, we have successfully combined operational excellence with lower running costs,” explains Jean-Philippe Fontana, CIO at ITESOFT. “We have all the advantages of genuinely shared processing power, which means we can respond to immediate demands for additional power. This is an extremely competitively priced multi-processor infrastructure, which means we can guarantee very high levels of service delivery to our teams.”

Specifically designed for critical application virtualization, and guaranteeing a level of scalability that is unique in the market today, bullion responds to users’ demands for extreme flexibility.

Demonstrable benefits
With bullion, 100% of the production systems that host critical applications have been virtualized. The additional power this delivers, and the fact that it is distributed more effectively, has streamlined the infrastructure and resulted in 14 fewer servers. One of the first positive effects of this is that the temperature in the server room has fallen by 2.5°C; with a direct impact on energy costs. And after over a year in operation, the service levels that have been achieved are testament to the excellence of the new infrastructure.

With bullion, I’ve been able to address two key concerns,” continues Jean-Philippe Fontana, “user satisfaction – because they need access to flexible environments to do their jobs effectively without being held back – and cost control. What’s more, in technical terms we can virtually forget about our bullions, day to day!”

With this totally virtualized, shared and flexible infrastructure, ITESOFT has taken an important step forward and can now get ready for a new challenge: Cloud computing…

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