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Numergy – The digital energy producer – is born

Posted on 17 September 2012 by Pierre Picard


  • Numergy: a new company, led by Philippe Tavernier
  • Europe’s first ‘digital energy plant’ opens
  • Today marks the commercial launch of the business
  • Media and Web advertising campaign is also launched

SFR, Bull and the Caisse des Dépôts have today announced the creation of a new company, Numergy, and the implementation of a Cloud computing infrastructure dedicated to the European market. Under the leadership of Philippe Tavernier, Numergy will offer secure Cloud computing services to organizations across the economy at a highly competitive cost. The ‘digital energy’ it produces is aimed at established businesses and public sector bodies, as well as innovative start-ups operating in France and across Europe.

  • Numergy: a new company, led by Philippe Tavernier

The creation of Numergy marks a vital milestone in the French government’s program of Investments for the Future (Investissements d’Avenir). Based in the Paris region, the new company embodies the commitment of its shareholders – SFR, Bull and Caisse des Dépôts – to ensure that digital technology is a vital driver for competitiveness for French and European businesses. Thanks to Numergy, these organizations now have access to a ‘digital energy plant’ that they can draw on for the computing resources that they need to grow, in total confidence.

Philippe Tavernier will lead the company, eventually destined to employ some 400 people. Most recently, Philippe Tavernier was CEO of Sogeti France, a subsidiary of Capgemini where he has held a number of posts over the years. Whilst working at the group he built up significant senior management expertise, most notably when leading its infrastructure activities and Cloud computing projects.

  • Europe’s first ‘digital energy plant’ opens

Designed to be an open ecosystem, the new ‘digital energy plant’ produces and markets a range of digital services on an industrial scale, covering the full range of requirements from the standard to the most mission-critical. Numergy’s Cloud offering, available now, can be accessed via a network of distribution partners including software services companies, software publishers (ISVs) and telecoms operators.

  • The business is launched with an initial ‘virtual servers’ offering

Numergy has launched a ‘virtual servers solution’ that gives customers on-demand access to computing resources (servers, storage, networks) in enhanced conditions of security and confidentiality. Based on a national Cloud computing infrastructure, the solution effectively combines innovation, flexibility and cost control. It features real-time control and ‘pay-as-you-use’ terms for the consumption of ‘digital energy’.

In the very near future, a specific set of services aimed at start-ups will also be available, with a new ‘development, production and integration solution’. This will also feature very high levels of confidentiality and security.

  • Media and Web advertising campaign launched

To support the launch of Numergy, a publicity campaign covering both the Web and printed media begins tomorrow. This campaign will be used to introduce Numergy’s key brand strap line: ‘The digital energy producer’. Because the computing resources that Numergy provides are effectively a new form of energy, this strapline expresses the company’s ambition: to be a supplier of digital energy supporting all kinds of companies and institutions.

To find out more about Numergy, visit:

Philippe Tavernier, Executive Chairman/CEO, Numergy

PHILIPPE TAVERNIER Philippe Tavernier (51) has been appointed as Executive Chairman/CEO of Numergy, with the role of managing the company. Previously he was CEO of Sogeti France, the Capgemini subsidiary specializing in IT and local engineering services.

A graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, Philippe Tavernier began his career in 1984 at the professional services firm Deloitte. In 1989, he joined the Capgemini group as an auditor, before being appointed as Finance Director of Cap Sesa Exploitation. In 1996, he moved into the first of a series of operational roles, becoming Managing Director of North-East Division of Capgemini France and then Deputy Managing Director of Capgemini France responsible for infrastructure activities. At Sogeti, which he joined in 2002, his role was to launch and grow the subsidiary’s business activities. In particular, he was CEO of Sogeti Switzerland and Managing Director, before being promoted to CEO of Sogeti France.


NUMERGY launches its first brand campaign
from 6 September 2012

Created by SFR, Bull and Caisse des Dépôts, Numergy is today launching its first brand campaign. As part of this, the new entity will be unveiling its strapline – ‘The digital energy producer’ – designed to express its vision and ambitions in the Cloud computing market. With this strap line, Numergy is asking all organizations across the economy to look at the Cloud in a new way, by investing in the energy of the future.

The campaign – which features four ads – sets out the following idea: the digital energy that comes out of Cloud computing is a whole new kind of energy, a driver for the economic revolution currently happening within companies.

Through this campaign, Numergy is positioning itself as the supplier of a new, reliable and secure resource supporting businesses and institutions in France and across Europe.

The corporate campaign will be rolled out across the national daily press, as well as specialist, business and Web media. It is aimed at opinion leaders, all businesses and players in the IT industry.


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