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The Valencia Board of Health, Prince Felipe Center of Research and Bull sign an agreement to establish a Chair in Computational Genomics

Posted on 01 July 2012 by Pierre Picard

The Board of Health in the Spanish region of Valencia (Generalitat valenciana), the PFCI (Principe Felipe Centro d’Investigacion or Prince Felipe Research Center) and Bull have signed a collaborative agreement to establish a Chair in Computational Genomics, with the aim of encouraging teaching, research and technology transfer in this area.
The agreement was signed by:

  • Luis Rosado, regional Health Minister
  • Rosa Valenzuela, Director General at the PFCI,
  • Joaquín Dopazo, Scientific Director of the PFCI
  • Julio del Valle, CEO of Bull Spain.

The aim of the new Chair in Computational Genomics is to develop, produce, apply, innovate and disseminate knowledge and activities related to research in life sciences and computational biology. The agreement also provides for collaboration with other research centers, departments and institutions interested in being involved in specific projects organized by the Chair.

Research, teaching, technology transfer and knowledge dissemination

The Chair in Computational Genomics will promote research, teaching, knowledge dissemination, technology transfer and other related activities. Research activities will include projects and research programs that encourage the development of specific research into the application of high-performance computing (HPC) to the science of genomics. It is also planned to fund a number of doctoral theses and seminars involving experts in this area.

When it comes to teaching, it is envisaged that the Chair will organize seminars and conferences for pre- and post-doctoral students and researchers. The agreement also allows for collaboration with the PFCI’s post-graduate programs and activities involving technology and knowledge transfer in computational biology, in close coordination with those leading the post-graduate programs.

When it comes to knowledge dissemination and transfer, the Chair will engage in research education and exchange programs involving researchers and technicians, as well as technology and innovation dissemination programs.

As a result of this initiative, the PFCI will be able to define clear objectives and capitalize on its research potential to progress the creation of a new structure: the Biomedical and Health Technology Research Platform (known as PIBIT) for the region of Valencia. The aim is to instigate a real link between the research and business worlds, and the translate the know-how derived as a result of this technological cooperation into products and services that improve people’s quality of life and the competitiveness of businesses and research centers alike.

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