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Bull supports growth at GIP-MDS through flexible outsourcing

Posted on 01 July 2012 by Pierre Picard

GIP-MDS – the French body that enables over two million companies to submit their social security declarations via the Internet – has turned to Bull to host and run its information systems.

A powerful tool for modernization, supporting social welfare

Through the practice of shared sourcing – as well as by optimizing the service is delivers to users day in, day out – since it was created in 2000, GIP-MDS has delivered innovative services designed to modernize and simplify social welfare. Its Web site,, recorded over 18 million on-line returns in 2011. The official site for social security declarations, which is hosted and run by Bull, achieved 100% availability throughout the annual reporting cycle: in January 2012 alone there were some 2.8 million visits to the site, peaking at over 200,000 connections a day.

The information system is subject to huge variations in activity, with massive pressure on its infrastructure during the annual reporting campaigns. The system also has to absorb the natural growth in business activities (2011 saw a 21% increase in the number of companies signed up), and it has to meet the triple challenge of availability, scalability and lower operating costs, without fail, in line with GIP-MDS’ objectives.

A dynamic outsourcing contract, rooted in GIP-MDS’ IT master plan and oriented towards Cloud computing

Since May 2010, Bull has been supporting GIP-MDS in the development of its IT master plan, via an outsourcing contract based on flexible units of work.

Elisabeth Humbert-Bottin, CEO of GIP-MDS, explains: “The portal is fulfilling its mission by delivering high availability to users, and the successful outcome of the reporting campaigns clearly demonstrates Bull’s commitment to support us in our demand for a high-quality service. This is a dynamic partnership, driven by a commitment to continuous improvement in order to support our challenges in terms of scalability and satisfying our partners’ requirements.”

Following an initial phase of virtualization, which saw 100 physical servers reduced to just 12 machines – carried out against a broader backdrop of transformation towards a private enterprise Cloud – the infrastructure has been hosted and run from one of Bull’s highly secure Data Centers. The outsourcing contract is based on flexible units of work, which are adjusted every month for all the major business applications, according to the required levels of delivery in terms of service timetables, how critical they are and response times for incidents. This means the highest levels of availability can be guaranteed for seasonal peaks in workload.

Operating through units of work means we can provide a dynamic approach to outsourcing, with the aim of ensuring maximum efficiency,” confirms Jérôme Belley, Director of Bull Managed Services. “In this context, we see ourselves as GIP-MDS’ partner, by committing to deliver the levels of performance needed to align with their business requirements and helping them implement their roadmap by providing them with the full range of our expertise.”


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