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Bull accredited by the French Government for its digital archiving services in secure SaaS mode

Posted on 01 July 2012 by Pierre Picard

New public digital archiving service in secure SaaS mode offered to government bodies and local authorities.

Bull has received approval from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, to offer a ‘third-party archiving service’ to preserve current and intermediate public archives on digital media. The new electronic archiving system offered in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, will be hosted by Bull’s three main Data Centers at Trélazé (Maine-et-Loire), Les Clayes-sous-Bois (Yvelines) and Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis), which support the Group’s Le cloud by Bull™ offerings and its outsourcing solutions.

The use of a third-party archiving services is a simple, effective and secure way of overcoming the technical and regulatory issues associated with digital archiving of public data. The service provider effectively guarantees the security of the data and takes on the risks on behalf of its customers.

“We are very proud to gain this approval from the Ministry, which authorizes us to offer this digital archiving service in SaaS mode to all government bodies and local authorities in France. This true electronic strong-box gives them all the power, flexibility and total security they need to protect their public data. Numerous public authorities have turned to us to help with their business process computerization, electronic document management and digital archiving projects; and many of them already have approached us for these kinds of mission-critical digital solutions, delivered in shared-sourcing mode,” explained Joël Blanc, Sales Director at Bull France.

Approval was given to Bull after a through and in-depth examination of its capabilities in terms of its Data Centers, skills and archiving processes. During the approval processes, the experts from the French National Archives working on behalf of the Ministry were particularly impressed by certain key criteria including the professionalism of Bull’s teams, the absolute attention paid to the safety and security of data – guaranteed by the processes the Group has put in place – and the size and scope of the installations that Bull manages and maintains in operational condition with a high degree of rigour. In addition, the Group’s implementation of the national standard for exchanging data for archiving (SEDA) was especially noted.

Bull, who worked on its submission in partnership with ADULLACT[1], succeeded in demonstrating to the French National Archives that all the operations relating to sustainable digital archiving (the deposit, control, storage, back-up, communication and wiping of data, the protection of its integrity, lifecycle management, etc.) were faultless implemented.


[1] ADULLACT: The French Association of Developers and Users of Open Source Software for Government and Local Authorities


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