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bullion helping to protect human rights and freedoms

Posted on 01 June 2012 by Pierre Picard

When your role is to monitor the protection of citizens’ human rights and freedoms and promote equality, your information system has to be up to the job. The challenge? To offer claimants a listening ear, excellent responsiveness and faultless service quality.

Written into the French Constitution since 23 July 2008 and established by law on 29 March 2011, the Défenseur des droits – France’s Human rights Ombudsman – is an independent constitutional authority, charged with defending citizens’ human rights and freedoms in relation to their dealings with public services, defending and promoting children’s interests and rights, fighting against all forms of discrimination prohibited by law, promoting equality and, finally, ensuring that all those involved in security activities adhere to ethical practices.

From a static architecture to a virtual one: the key to agility

Service continuity is essential to the agents and officers working for the Ombudsman, as they need to be able to access critical applications such as email, their collaborative working platform and business applications at all times in order to process claimant’s cases. To meet this service quality imperative, while at the same time ensuring the scalability of the information system, the technical platform on which it is built has to be powerful, secure and agile. Which is why the Ombudsman has chosen bullion™, Bull’s new-generation of servers dedicated to critical application virtualization. Coupled with a VMware vSphere® hypervisor, bullion has enabled the IT infrastructure – running in a Windows 2008 environment – to consolidate and optimize the infrastructure by reducing the number of servers and optimizing resource utilization; delivering a major increase in computing power.

“Thanks to bullion, after an implementation that only took a few days, we now have a really powerful and particularly agile architecture that has delivered performance improvements, cut our energy consumption, freed up more space and improved our flexibility, while minimizing the impact of the changes on service continuity,” explains Yannick Leloup, Information Systems Manager for the Ombudsman’s office.

The relationship with Bull has proceeded in a spirit of partnership, providing personalized support for upgrade projects. “That’s how we have managed to move rapidly from a native architecture to a very agile, virtual architecture capable of supporting the evolutions of our critical applications and providing enough flexibility to facilitate the implementation of our consolidation project,” Yannick Leloup concludes.

The new, more powerful and optimized platform has delivered a positive response to the challenge of virtualization, along with the guarantee – thanks to the linear performance of bullion – of long-term scalability.


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