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Bull helps Coreso keep watch over Europe’s electricity distribution grids

Posted on 01 June 2012 by Pierre Picard

European joint venture shows its continued confidence in Bull, with a new renewable 36-month outsourcing contract.

Coreso, the leading technical coordination center for Western Europe’s electricity distribution grids, has awarded Bull an outsourcing contract covering its mission-critical IT infrastructures, for the second successive time. Under the terms of the deal, Bull will provide all the necessary support to guarantee the availability of the joint-venture company’s information systems.


Bull provides the necessary service continuity guarantees to support Coreso’s high value-added role.

Coreso’s mission is to provide its five shareholders – the electricity Transmission System Operators (TSOs) RTE in France, Elia in Belgium, National Grid in the UK, Terna in Italy and 50 Hertz in Germany – with network security analyses and 24×7 network surveillance, to check and improve the security of supply level in Western Europe and avoid large-scale incidents.

In order to keep constant watch over the electricity networks and continuously feed back data gathered from all the European TSOs – as well as to analyze this data using powerful computational algorithms and enable rapid decision-making ­– Coreso depends on a highly reliable information system and responsive teams.

Through this flexible outsourcing contact, Bull will provide all the necessary skills to support Coreso’s mission-critical information system, which is supervised and administered from Bull’s main data center near Angers in France, by experts in high availability. Responsiveness is at the heart of the new contract, necessitating high levels of service delivery. A Service Desk organization has been specifically established to ensure this.

François Boulet, CEO of Coreso, explains: “When your role is to secure electricity supplies to almost 215 million people – 43% of the European population – responsiveness is not an empty word. We continuously analyze over 50,000 items of information and we have to guarantee the permanent availability of the information system hosting that data. Any incident has to be treated with the utmost responsiveness: and that’s what we expect from our outsourcing partner, Bull.” The network is an essential component of this highly specific and complex information system, whose architecture was designed and implemented by Bull in 2008. “Bull specializes in mission-critical digital systems and has clearly understood how to support our highly specific business model, since our creation. Their ability to respond to an extremely complex and varied technological environment, their expertise in networks and security, and their European coverage are essential factors in partnership,” François Boulet adds.

Jérôme Belley, Director of Bull’s outsourcing business in France, concludes: “Our European high availability experts and multi-lingual support team – capable of exchanging ideas with support centers through Europe – are organized to respond to Coreso’s vital need for responsiveness. This ability to adapt to a highly specific mission-critical context is one of the key strengths of Bull’s flexible outsourcing approach.”


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