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Bull and TalentSoft: partners in the Cloud

Posted on 01 June 2012 by Pierre Picard

Bull and TalentSoft have announced a twin-pronged alliance in Cloud computing. On the one hand, TalentSoft is extending its Cloud-optimized offering by hosting its solution on the platforms provided by Bull’s subsidiary Agarik. On the other, the ISV will be supporting Bull in the international roll-out of its Integrated Talent Management software suite across the Group.

TalentSoft: the world’s number one Cloud-optimized talent management solution

TalentSoft offers Human Resources Departments an integrated suite of talent management software in SaaS mode, accessible directly via the Internet, for rapid implementation. The solution offers a guaranteed high level of availability and data security. HR Departments manage their own HR solution, personalizing it and maintaining control over its evolution. The rapid take-up of TalentSoft and its high user satisfaction ratings attest to the success of this model: over two million employees and 10 million jobseekers in 100 countries are now connected to the solution. TalentSoft was recently voted as the Best Cloud Offering of 2012, by EuroCloud France. The judging panel included recognized Cloud experts and independent consultants from KPMG, Orange Business Services, CXP, Markess International and the Journal du Net. This accolade as ‘European Cloud Champion’ won over Bull and Agarik.


Agarik to host the TalentSoft solution in the Cloud

Agarik is the first hosting business to offer a dedicated PaaS service for ISVs, with its CloudArchitek range of solutions. This Cloud offering is perfectly suited to software publishers’ needs, thanks to its technical approach and billing model. TalentSoft’s decision reaffirms the relevance of this solution and this has been rewarded by a number of recent major deals signed in the software publishing sector.

With Agarik’s help, the TalentSoft solution will become the only such Cloud offering dedicated to French government ministries, hosted in France and meeting the high security standards demanded by the public sector. Ministries will benefit from all the advantages of the Cloud, without compromising service quality at all, either in terms of hosting or application performance and functionality.

“Cloud computing represents a real competitive advantage,” explains Joël Bentolila, Technical Director at TalentSoft. “Using Agarik’s platform we can offer solutions that combine both public and private Cloud elements and comply with the highest security standards. We have stolen a march on our competitors when it comes to meeting the demands of major corporations and the public sector in France.”

Bull optimizes its international HR policy with TalentSoft

Bull operates in almost 50 countries and employs nearly 9,000 people, 5,000 in France. The Group has chosen TalentSoft to support its ambitious HR policy of attract, recruit, train, develop and retain the best talent.

Bull intends to implement a new international HR information system, incorporating performance management, HR development, recruitment and remuneration. The Group has chosen the TalentSoft solution because of its wide functional scope and expertise in international implementations. The solution provides a dedicated portal for Bull employees and incorporates the Group’s HR databases into its functional architecture. The HR Department now has everything it needs to create a shared database which is consistent at an international level. This will enable managers to run their teams more effectively, deriving more value from their own role and those of other employees.

“Making the most of our human capital is a major element in Bull’s competitive strategy and performance,” comments Stéphane Duret, Vice-President HR and Organization at the Bull Group. “Indeed, we are putting the wellbeing of our people, their skill development and the expression of their talents at the heart of our corporate vision. The TalentSoft solution will truly help us to achieve this, making it easier to manage and increasing the value of each of our employees’ skills and competencies.”

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