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Innovation: the key to a sustainable future

Posted on 28 March 2012 by Pierre Picard

Philippe Vannier – Chairman and CEO, Bull

Technology already generates 30% of worldwide growth. As a major catalyst for differentiation, it is a source of innovation and sustainable development, especially with supercomputers: a field in which Bull has become a leading player with a global reputation over the years.

Quite rightly, the European Commission recently reaffirmed the strategic importance of High-Performance Computing (HPC) to the continent, for the competitiveness of its businesses and the creation of employment. So Europe is planning to double its investment in HPC between now and 2020. Bull – as Europe’s only manufacturer of supercomputers and the world’s first company to bring three Petascale machines into service on two continents – is determined to play a pre-eminent role in this coming drive.

A European Petascale* supercomputer in Japan

After Tera100 for the CEA and CURIE for GENCI and the European PRACE** program – the most powerful supercomputers in Europe – I recently had the honor of inaugurating the Helios supercomputer in Japan. Capable of performing 1.5 million billion operations a second, Helios will play a vital role in the international ITER cooperative program, whose aim is to master nuclear fusion as a new source of energy. Deploying the two Petascale supercomputers, CURIE and Helios, was a real technological triumph: a colossal challenge that our teams tackled extremely successfully and, in the case of Helios, under very specific, multi-cultural conditions in the land of the rising sun.

The need to modernize transaction processing applications

With the launch of its LiberTP solution – a new-generation transaction processing monitor – Bull, as an expert in this field, has opened up a whole new, innovative phase for organizations’ most critical applications. LiberTP effectively adapts these vital systems, in total security, for mobile and cloud environments, while at the same time cutting operational costs and freeing up new room for maneuver.

Our ambition has never changed: to be a trusted partner for our customers, bringing you all the benefits of leading-edge technologies, as these latest developments clearly attest.

Thank you again for your support.


*Petascale: capable of carrying out a million billion operations a second.
**PRACE: Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe.


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