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Business-focused infrastructure at Ricoh

Posted on 24 January 2012 by Pierre Picard

Ricoh secures its infrastructure with Bull


Information: at the heart of Ricoh’s business

In the market for document management services, Ricoh is interested in how organizations gather knowledge, as well as how they can process information more efficiently and manage their business exchanges. It is by being highly innovative and looking to understand its customers’ needs in greater detail that Ricoh has successfully evolves and become one of today’s leaders in the global document management industry.

In this kind of situation, the IT infrastructure has to be scalable, secure and flexible enough to meet ever more demanding business challenges. To address the issue of securing its information system – with an ageing hardware environment – and deal with the explosion in the amount of data needing to be processed and stored, Ricoh Industrie France SAS awarded Bull a huge project to replace and significantly improve its infrastructures.


Simplification: the first way to improve security

Bull has helped Ricoh Industrie France SAS to define and implement a new architecture, including building a centralized storage platform, and replacing and migrating production servers to virtual environments combined with the use of automated replication functionality to a remote site. The architecture is based on two live sites, each using its own resources while providing disaster recovery for the other.

Designed in this way, the architecture becomes a secure technical platform, with the ability to quickly ramp up power at minimum cost, which is also much simpler because it uses shared systems administration tools. The infrastructure is based on Bull novascale™ R460 servers, with their high levels of scalability, as well as an EMC storage bay and VMware virtualization technologies. In the end, almost 30 servers have undergone ‘Virtual to Virtual’ or ‘Physical to Virtual’ migrations to the new storage architecture, and integrated into the business continuity plan.

Bull’s service delivery made all the difference

For Ricoh Industrie France SAS, the added value that Bull delivered came from its close working relationship and ability to listen and advise. All this meant Bull was able to provide a highly relevant view of the Bull infrastructure.

As Pascal Wackenthaler, ITS Section Manager of the Information Technology & Solution Section at Ricoh Industrie France SAS explains: “Bull was the only supplier to put forward a comprehensive solution; actively making suggestions to improve our old architecture, in line with our organization, our size and our needs. After an implementation phase that we were very happy with, we now have a global, high-performance infrastructure.”

The new architecture, which has been live for a year now, has kept its promises in terms of performance and scalability, with the facility to add new virtual servers at no extra cost, to keep pace with changing needs and the flexibility required by the business.

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