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Bull plans to hire 1,000 new staff in 2012

Posted on 24 January 2012 by Pierre Picard

To help meet its customers’ challenges and successfully implement business-critical projects, Bull is looking for experienced personnel and young graduates alike to work with customers in implementing innovative solutions.

80 years of serving customer performance

For 80 years now the Group has never stopped innovating, to stay at the forefront of information technology. As the inventor of the world’s fastest statistical processing machine, the first ever multi-tasking computer, the first PC and the intelligent smartcard, Bull has always been at the leading edge of innovation, to respond to its customers’ needs. Today, Bull provides high added-value technological services and products and offers high-performance, secure solutions for their mission-critical digital systems.

1,000 new employees

Having taken on 1,000 new staff in 2011 worldwide, in 2012 Bull is continuing its recruitment campaign to support its customers’ projects, and is planning to recruit another 1,000 people this year, over 500 of them in France. Half the new posts in France will be in the Ile-de-France region around Paris, with the other half across the country, mainly in South-Eastern France (in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Rhône-Alpes regions) where the Group is growing rapidly, having opened two services centers focused on Business Intelligence. The Group is also looking for some new staff in other countries, in particular150 in Poland and 100 more in Brazil.


Young graduates with engineering/technical degrees will account for 25% of the Group’s recruitment in France. Experts in software development (Java J2EE, Business Intelligence, ERP/SAP…), Bull’s technological specialisms (HPC, cloud, storage/archiving…) and information systems architects are also being sought, along with project managers and IT security specialists. In-depth knowledge of a particular sector – such as the public sector, defense, telecoms, energy… – would be an additional asset, helping to guarantee the quality of the solutions that Bull develops with its customers. Apart from technical expertise, the Group is also especially interested in those who have had diverse career experiences, and the personal qualities of the men and women who join the company.

Thanks to its extremely successful supercomputing projects (Tera 100, which has been Europe’s most powerful system for over a year now; the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Curie are two of Europe’s ‘greenest’ supercomputers), as well as its recognized position in the security market, and the quality of its outsourcing and software development projects, around 25% of Bull’s recruits come from recommendations or networking.

The Group also works closely with the leading higher education institutions and each year over 150 apprentices and 250 or more interns join the teams in France. This is also one of the most successful sources of new recruits for the Group.

Bull current has around 9,000 employees worldwide, just over half of them in France.


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