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AT Internet boosts BI with Bull Fast Track

Posted on 24 January 2012 by Pierre Picard

Bull is implementing its Business Intelligence (BI) solution, Bull Fast Track, for AT Internet; a leader in France and Europe in the ‘online intelligence’ market.

Constantly evolving services, involving huge amounts of data

One of the industry leaders in Web analytics, AT Internet develops innovative and comprehensive solutions for audience measurement and Website visitor behavior analysis, e-reputation management, performance measurement and Web site availability; all available in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode.

For this pioneering Web analytics company, which differentiates itself through the quality of its solutions, its performance in terms of how long it takes to respond to customer queries is a major issue. Effectively, AT Internet currently offers its customers the option to view their day-to-day statistics in real time, or to carry out more and more detailed and specific retrospective analyses, involving massive amounts of data: with an estimated total of over 75 Terabytes in 2011.

To meet this challenge, AT Internet decided that it needed to upgrade its IT infrastructure, to take advantage of the new technologies available with so-called ‘BI appliances’.

Bull Fast Track allows AT Internet to process huge amounts of data relating to its ‘online intelligence’ business and to meet its objectives in terms of quality and the development of new services. Consisting of the Microsoft SQL Server® integrated software suite and the necessary pre-packaged and pre-configured hardware infrastructure, Bull Fast Track is specifically optimized for Business Intelligence applications.

Optimized and personalized architecture with Bull Fast Track

Following a recent benchmarking exercise, Bull’s integrated BI solution has established itself as the most powerful solution – and the easiest to implement and maintain – in Microsoft SQL environments.

Bull Fast Track allows sequential access into data, encouraging better linear performance, which perfectly meets AT Internet’s needs. The combination of hardware and software guarantees the best possible performance by ensuring that the capacities of each component of the solution are used to their maximum.

Because it is built around standard components, Bull Fast Track is user friendly, easy to implement and provides the system management needed for rapidly evolving businesses like that of AT Internet, while keeping capital investment and operating costs under control.


Rapid implementation, backed up by high added-value support

It took just three days to install, configure, implement and transfer the data. “Bull’s expertise in SQL environments, its close working relationship with Microsoft, its understanding of our environments and its ability to advise us were all important elements in ensuring that we were up and running extremely quickly and efficiently,” said Thomas Fisher, Technical Architect at AT Internet.


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