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Bull launches its new mainframe family gcos 7 systems leveraging Extreme Computing technologies

Posted on 16 November 2011 by Pierre Picard
  • Bull’s novascale gcos™ 7010 mainframes combine Extreme computing technologies and those used for large-scale enterprise servers, to boost critical application performance
  • With native support for the Open Source PostgreSQL database, novascale gcos 7010 systems are designed to protect and enrich organizations’ information systems legacies
  • With novascale gcos 7010 systems gcos 7 mainframes enter the world of private Cloud computing

The new novascale gcos 7010 systems reaffirm the capability of its gcos 7 product family to provide intensive, ultra-secure production with high levels of performance. They actively support the strategy that Bull has followed for a number of years. Aiming at bringing up to date application infrastructures, this strategy is extremely successful as shown recent by the constant growth of the gcos business.

According to Jean-François Bauduin, Vice President of novascale Enterprise Servers at Bull: “Our latest generation of gcos 7 mainframes is based on the best technologies, capitalizing on our expertise in delivering the most powerful supercomputers in the world, combined with our knowledge of infrastructures for critical applications and open systems. Against a rapidly evolving economic backdrop, these new systems have been designed to give large organizations more headroom to leverage their legacy systems.”

RTM (Régie des Transports de Marseille) – the Marseille Transport Authority is the first organization to adopt the novascale gcos 7010 systems; it should be followed soon by Sonepar Germany, the German leader in electrical equipment distribution.

A new generation of mainframe-class systems to solve large organizations’ IT challenges

Information processing needs are evolving rapidly and the amount of data is increasing at an exponential rate. Bull’s gcos 7010 mainframes deliver just this kind of approach, enabling major organizations to move towards more open, services-oriented infrastructures – risk free – while guaranteeing some of the highest levels of performance and reliability currently available.

With their centralized architecture – recognized as a benchmark for quality and availability – novascale gcos 7 systems are based on open standards, guaranteeing their long-term scalability. This architecture also allows gcos applications to use open databases, in particular PostgreSQL. With novascale gcos 7010, Bull has developed a ground-breaking solution that can be customized. The mainframe has been brought right up to date, to protect organizations’ information systems assets and enable them to grow and develop.

The most powerful and extensive range of solutions ever in the gcos 7 family

A new architecture, the unrivalled power of Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family, a power ratio from one to 16, with 21 different models available… Bull’s novascale gcos 7010 systems offer an unprecedented array of possibilities.

The novascale gcos 7010 servers are based on the Multiple Environment Scalable Architecture (MESCA) which is at the heart of Bull’s latest-generation large-scale servers: bullx™, one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers; bullion™ servers dedicated to critical application virtualization; and the novascale gcos 9010 and 7010 mainframes designed to host organizations’ mission-critical applications.

With the MESCA architecture, up to four gcos 7 servers can be hosted on one novascale 7010 system and managed using a single systems console, making this an especially attractive consolidation solution for large data centers. Featuring the new Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family, novascale gcos 7010 systems are up to twice as powerful as their predecessors.

Access to Open Source databases and energy-efficiency

Nowadays, business processes are evolving rapidly, e-commerce is becoming pervasive, and huge numbers of exchanges are taking place on line. All this entails closer relationships between heterogeneous application environments. Thanks to their integrated software, novascale gcos 7010 systems enable applications to interact with the vast majority of other environments – including Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, Unix, and with other mainframes – with no limitations. And on novascale gcos 7010 systems, gcos 7 applications have native access to databases including Open Source PostgreSQL, as well as Oracle and Microsoft® SQL Server databases. This makes novascale 7010 servers the most open on the market, along with Bull’s novascale 9010 family running gcos 8.

The new novascale gcos servers take advantage of the benefits of new technologies, most importantly the latest Intel® processors, and advances in memory and disk sub-system design. As a result, they consume much less electricity and dissipate less heat, for a smaller physical footprint. These developments are totally in line with Bull’s approach to creating environmentally-friendly, scalable data centers that are designed to meet service delivery commitments unfailingly.

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