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Bull: a strategic partner for inwi

Posted on 16 November 2011 by Pierre Picard

Having worked alongside inwi since it was founded, Bull has helped the third largest Moroccan telecoms operator to differentiate itself through technology, to become a market leader. Interview with Frédéric Debord, CEO of inwi.

How long has inwi been working with Bull, and what has been the latter delivered for the company?

Bull was there at the birth of inwi, Morocco’s third largest telecoms operator, right from the start. That was back in 2006, even before we announced Bayn, our first consumer product, which was successfully launched on 7 February 2007. Bull helped to put in place the structural layers of our commercial information system, which is one of inwi’s key differentiators. Inwi has relied on Bull’s experience in this area to ensure tight, end-to-end integration: from customer relationship management right through to billing. Thanks to the shared application bus that Bull put in place for us, we now have a global view of our customers across the entire commercial value chain, from the point of sale to the call center. A large portion of inwi’s information systems take benefit on the quality of the technical infrastructures supplied by Bull Morocco. Thanks to their flexibility, we have a solution that is perfectly adapted to our needs, and to the complexity and scope of our offerings (fixed, mobile, Internet, business solutions…) and our organization structure with the integration of our distribution partners and our call centers. This flexibility had enabled us to differentiate ourselves from the start, and it has supported the company as it has grown. It is important to remember what a major commercial success Bayn was: attracting a million subscribers in just six months, back in 2007.

Apart from its technical expertise, have you been aware that Bull has an especially detailed understanding of your industry sector? Could you give us an example of this?

In the summer of 2009, inwi acquired Morocco’s third GSM license, so it could launch itself as a mobile operator. Initially, the launch of this offering was planned for the anniversary of Bayn: 7 February 2010. So we had to put together all the elements of a mobile operator in less than eight months. When it came to our information systems, it involved a total reworking of our business applications, interfacing with the new provisioning and billing system… The timescales were very tight, but Bull successfully met the challenge and delivered a high-quality solution, on time, that answered our requirements. inwi’s GSM operations were launched on 23 February 2010; and 18 months later inwi has over six million customers, representing almost 20% market share. It’s a real success!

What are the prospects for your relationship with Bull?

Currently, given Bull’s skills and expertise and its understanding of our needs, we have asked them to rework our CRM system. For inwi, customer relationship management (CRM) is the key to our future development. Effectively mastering this aspect of our business will be one of the main ways in which we differentiate ourselves in the future. That’s why we decided to award this work to Bull, as it has already proved its ability to deliver solutions that are perfectly adapted to our specific needs. The future for our relationship will also depend on maintaining the quality of deliverables, and understanding and anticipating our needs. Bull’s comprehension of the financial constraints under which its customers operate should enable it to adapt effectively to the changing climate.

What distinguishes Bull from other suppliers and ensures that it continues to hold your trust?

Above all, our relationship with Bull is one of partnership because, in the telecoms world, information systems are the key weapons. An operator’s flexibility, and its responsiveness, in an environment of rapid growth, depends on the expertise of its information systems partners. Thanks to its experience and its sector-specific know-how built up over years working with operators worldwide, Bull can provide all the expertise that an operator like inwi needs. Its understanding of our market and ability to take local issues into account have also given us a certain advantage from the start. One of the key elements of the partnership between Bull and inwi is Bull’s capacity to implement international industry ‘best practice’ via its local teams, who themselves have a detailed knowledge of Moroccan specificites. As a demonstration of this trust, Bull has been our third-party application maintenance partner for our commercial information system since 2007. In a word, Bull is a strategic partner for inwi.

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