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Bull’s new StoreWay Virtuo NV Series provides industry-leading performance and flexibility for data backup virtualization

Posted on 31 May 2011 by Pierre Picard

The latest generation of StoreWay Virtuo, Bull’s enterprise-class VTL (Virtual Tape Library) solution, extends the boundaries of high-performance multi-site backup for mission critical applications in mainframe and open environments.

Announcement Highlights

  • Outstanding backup and restore performance with data throughput of up to 45 TB/hour – the highest on the market
  • Flexibility with an extensive range of Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions: tape vaulting, 2-site synchronous replication over Fibre Channel, and multi-site asynchronous bi-directional replication over FCoE or IP.
  • Optimized data storage usage with hardware-based data reduction enabling up to a 7 times space saving
  • Based on proven technology in the mainframe environment for over 15 years

With organizations evermore dependent on core-business applications to support growth and continuity of key business functions, their data requires corresponding high levels of protection and long-term availability.

Backup security is built into the heart of StoreWay Virtuo NV Series, operating 24×24, 365 days per year. Each component of the StoreWay Virtuo NV Series is redundant allowing StoreWay Virtuo to continue to function even following disk or hardware connectivity failures. The different Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions provided by Virtuo NV Series allow the enterprises to choose the right level of protection for their mission critical data.

The modular architecture of StoreWay Virtuo NV Series provides in-the-box performance and capacity scalability that allow StoreWay Virtuo to grow with the business, scaling up to one petabytes of usable disk capacity for backup data.

StoreWay Virtuo NV Series is a unified solution for backup virtualization in multiple open and mainframe environments and is closely integrated with all leading backup software suites, allowing StoreWay Virtuo backup-restore performance and storage utilization to be optimized in all circumstances.

“Building on our expertise in mission-critical systems, StoreWay Virtuo is a witness to the Bull’s ability to design and build data protection systems for large centralized environments that are both ultra-reliable and capable of adapting to the changing needs of public and private organizations” states Jean-François Bauduin, Vice President of Bull’s Innovative High-End Server Business Unit.

Technical features

StoreWay Virtuo NV Series is a VTL (Virtual Tape Library) that operates in both disk-to-disk (D2D) and disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) modes. The StoreWay Virtuo NV Series is compatible with Bull GCOS and IBM z/OS mainframe systems. In the Open system environment, it is certified for use with IBM Tivoli Storage Management (TSM) through the IBM PartnerWorld program, and is compatible with other market-leading backup software including Symantec NetBackup, EMC NetWorker and CommVault Simpana.

The StoreWay Virtuo NV Series is based on the following components:

  • Escala® Power7 system running AIX® 6.1 that delivers unprecedented performance for UNIX applications with up to four times the performance and workload consolidation capacity, and three times the performance per watt of the previous Power6 processor-based systems.
  • StoreWay Optima disk systems, with an optimal price to performance ratio for backup storage applications.
  • Virtuo NV Series V10 software engine

The StoreWay Virtuo NV Series comprises three models, covering a spectrum of needs from small data center backup to enterprise backup consolidation.

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