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Convergence in support of action

Posted on 27 May 2011 by Pierre Picard

Many recent incidents – whether they have involved industrial espionage, piracy or data loss – have drawn attention to issues of digital security. But they haven’t surprised IT Directors and corporate IS Security Managers, who are well aware of the reality and scale of the threats out there as they battle against them on the front line every day. However, these events have undoubtedly drawn other business decision-makers’ attention and highlighted the urgent need to take appropriate measures to address these challenges.

Stéphane Salies, Chairman and CEO, Amesys Technologies

As information systems become more open, mobility is on the rise, and personal and business environments are increasing intermingling, security needs are evolving. Traditional approaches, which secure systems individually, are no longer enough. They result in more and more disjointed and heterogeneous solutions being piled up on top of each other, which is not only expensive and difficult to maintain, but can end up becoming a real obstacle to operational efficiency and, above all, result in breakdowns in the system, which are weaknesses in themselves. Nowadays, more than ever before, security is a chain: it is only as strong as its weakest link, it does not work if it is too rigid, and it has to be viewed in its entirety, from end to end. Which is why Bull has put convergence at the heart of its strategy when it comes to security: so it can deliver a global, integrated, made-to-measure and long-lasting response to its customers, which keeps pace with current challenges and the actual risks that are weighing down on the business.

Convergence is, in the first instance, between consulting and implementation. Bull can get involved from the initial audit and risk analysis phase, but the Group is also a technology supplier and integrator, which means it can formulate its recommendations based on its experience and the constant concern to ensure technical relevance and meet operational demands. Security only creates value if it helps to establish a climate of trust, but it can actually hold back business if the proposed measures go against the culture, habits and specific characteristics of the enterprise. With its Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions, Bull Evidian is in the advance guard of the kind of high-performance, user-friendly and business-oriented approach to security that the current environment demands. Bull also provides vital components that are a naturally fit with security devices, such as cryptography – with TrustWay which is, most notably, at the heart of globull, the first removable storage device authorized for defense-level confidentiality by the French national information systems security agency ANSSI – and the electronic certification and signature solutions MetaPKI and MetaSign.

Another emerging area of convergence, where Bull is extremely well positioned, involves the increasingly close relationship between logical and physical security. Whether it involves critical infrastructures, like transport systems, industrial production sites or business head offices, providing optimum protection for installations involves interconnecting security tools. For example, controlling the entire chain from the point where the user is identified as he enters the car park to his authentication at his workstation and when he accesses his applications, is becoming increasingly essential.

With its dual expertise – on the one hand through its IS components such as Evidian and, on the other, its Bull Physical Security sensor systems control platforms and the Sesame 256 site security management solution from Amesys – Bull is very well placed to implement innovative, integrated solutions that combine security and flexibility of use.

Through the convergence of its consulting skills and its products, Bull is positioning itself as a global, long-term partner for its customers. Working alongside them, always mindful of their specific needs, Bull defines and implements unified security strategies that encompass systems, data, transmission, personnel and infrastructures. Security budgets, which typically account for 6% to 9% of the amount allocated to IT, have suffered especially as a result of the crisis. In order to grow businesses in complete trust so they can profit from the opportunities offered by digital technology, it’s time to put an end to that sacrifice.

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