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Complying with the confidentiality directive

Posted on 20 May 2011 by Pierre Picard

25 healthcare establishments in the North of France choose Bull and its subsidiary Evidian to secure access to health data

Following a 15-month competitive tendering process involving two other nationally recognized companies, the Bull-Evidian-Altasys alliance has won a four-year contract with each of the members of the procurement consortium.

The contract covers the purchase, implementation and maintenance of an access control solution featuring strong authentication based on digital certificates, as well as associated program management services for the 25 healthcare establishments from across the region who are members of the ‘Access and authentication’ procurement consortium being coordinated by the inter-hospital healthcare IT syndicate in Nord-Pas de Calais (SiiH 59/62), as part of the move to comply with the French government’s ‘confidentiality’ directive.

The healthcare establishments involved include the hospitals at Armentières, Avesnes, Béthune, Cambrai, Camiers, Carvin, Cateau Cambresis, Comines, Douai, Dunkerque, Felleries, Haubourdin, Haumont, Hazebrouck, La Bassée, Lens, Loos, Maubeuge, Saint-Omer, Seclin, Tourcoing, Wattrelos and Zuydcoote, as well as the EPSM (mental health establishment) in Lille Saint-André, and the SiiH (eight of these establishments are hosted by the SiiH) representing over 25,000 users.

A project broken down into several levels

1. Purchasing a software and hardware solution for:

  • Identity management (directory, content management and synchronization) 
  • Authorization management (directory, authorization management, level 2 provisioning) 
  • Managing establishment cards and certificates for those who have chosen the solution
  • Access management (SSO and synchronization) 
  • Integration of these various software elements
  • Management and analysis of audit trails for those establishments who wish to do so (level 3) 
  • Maintenance and support 
  • 20,000 cards and 10,000 card readers
  • Hosting servers for those establishments requiring this service.

2. A service to adapt the generic organizational processes to the specific needs of each institution, in relation to the implementation of the solution, so as to guarantee the confidentiality of personal medical information through reliable access controls.

3. Technical implementation services (both shared and local).

4. User implementation and change management services.

Why the Bull-Evidian-Altasys consortium was successful

  • Expertise in the end-to-end solution with Evidian, the software publisher and Bull, the integrator
  • Ability to capitalize on other large-scale projects already completed, most notably at the EPSM in Morbihan, the Esquirol hospital and the University hospitals in Nantes and Angers 
  • A methodology for consistently structuring the project and enabling it to be broken down into easily replicable sections
  • Recognized expertise in each area
  • The combination of the best skills from Bull and Evidian in security solutions and end-to-end integration, as well as the expertise of Altasy for business process definition.

A multi-layered project

Following the project launch, a ‘common core’ shared via the SiiH was prepared, then launched at four pilot sites, before being rolled out to the remaining 21 locations.

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