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Bull supports CNIM for over a decade as its information system evolves

Posted on 20 May 2011 by Pierre Picard

The key factors to a successful partnership

CNIM (the Mediterranean Naval and Industrial Construction company) is a major French group operating on an international scale, whose business is to design and deliver turnkey industrial installations with significant technological content. With a presence in 15 countries, the CNIM group offers unique expertise, services and operational solutions in the fields of the environment, energy, defense and industry. In order to grow its business, the group depends on its strong core values, such as creativity, commitment and responsiveness.

CNIM’s information system reflects those values. Thanks to its agility, it has been able to fit in with the group’s acquisitions policy, especially over the past decade. Because it is flexible, it has constantly adapted to keep pace with the group’s projects, some of them valued at several billion euros. And its responsiveness meets the needs of an international engineering firm that manages over 60 Terabytes of technical data.

Closeness, trust and expertise have created a long-lasting partnership

cnimLOGOOKBull has contributed to the evolution of this information system by cultivating a strong partnership with CNIM and making a long-term commitment to work alongside this multi-faceted group.

In 1998, Bull was chosen as an application outsourcing partner, at a time when the information system was mainly running mainframes. Bull then supported CNIM in the move to client-server and distributed architectures, advising on the choice of technologies and helping to implement them. This formed the basis for a long-lasting application platform, covering not only business environments but also the management of technical data, the implementation of financial management based on the Oracle e-business suite and applications such as messaging and groupware.

Then in 2005 CNIM expanded its partnership by awarding Bull the contract to operate and administer is servers and networks, which led to an infrastructure optimization phase. In 2009, CNIM embarked on a huge piece of work to update its storage and back-up environments, once again turning to Bull to map out the broad outlines of the project and implement the chosen solutions, based on EMC and Symantec.

What we were looking for in an outsourcing partner – which we’ve found to a very great extent in Bull – is the ability to support us in our technology choices,” explains Christophe Hamon, Information Systems Director at the CNIM group. “Bull gives us the benefit of all its expertise and know-how, while delivering a close working relationship. This means Bull can act as a generalist, capable of adapting to our specific environment to build made-to-measure solutions. We have a exemplary partnership,” he concludes.

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